How well do you know cheese?

Below is a word search on “Cheese”. Instead of giving you the “cheese” word I have given you hints of what each cheese is. Words can be found horizontally, vertically, backwards angles or forward angles. Just for fun I have also thrown In two additional words that are associated with Cheese. Have fun in discovering “where’s” Winnie and Winona” You should have 15 circled when you are done.


  1. Soft, Rich, Creamy, Greek
  2. Mushroomy, eggy, bloomy rinds
  3. Chevre
  4. Hard, grated for Italian dishes, sometimes Reggiano is its counter
  5. Hot peppers mixed with cheddar
  6. Sometimes mixed with Colby, pale yellow early on made by the Friars of California  in the 1900’s
  7. Cheese with “holes” sometimes….slightly nutty, buttery almost a fruity flavor
  8. Cooking of the curds, can be wax covered, aged, orange/white sharp mild
  9. Pressed cottage cheese, often used for filling blintzes, adding rennet and bacterial starter.
  10. Alpine pastures, Italian cows milk
  11. Tan to pale yellow, orange brown natural rind from aging, mild Italian, softer texture
  12. Firm, can be smoked, white, softer
  13. Blue, Italy, Fewer veins

**We will post the answer key next week.

By: Debbie Barry, Account Manager