Winona Pure Oil®



Winona Pure® is able to do what no other cooking spray on the market can do — Create a powerful spray of healthy natural oil without the use of chemicals and propellants. Other brands either spray evenly but rely on artificial additives and contents under pressure, or contain pure oil but use a weak and easily clogged pump.  We have finally combined the purity of bottled oil with the effectiveness of an aerosol spray.



Winona Pure® is also proud to introduce a Balsamic and Olive Oil variety. These 100% natural spray oils are perfect for nearly any kitchen or grilling use! Each variety has individual uses and strengths, so we recommend all three basic oils. For frying, try Canola Oil, Olive Oil is ideal for salads and pastas, and try Sunflower Oil for grilling or sautéing. The Balsamic Olive Oil is excellent for adding variety and taste to bread, appetizers, pasta, salads and more.


Winona Pure® also offers a delicious Popcorn Butter to reduce the amount of saturated fat from butter in your favorite popcorn.