Hot Cheese Trends 2015

By: Bob Starkey, Director of National Distribution Accounts

The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) rolled out its annual Cheese Trends and Topics 2015 late last month. And while some of the forecasted cheese trends for 2015 were catching a wave in 2014 (i.e. artisan, snacking, bold flavors) some are worth reviewing and focusing in on; as Winona Foods can provide many products that complement most of the trends. Let’s review a few shall we…..


Whether it’s Retail, C Store or Foodservice, snacking will impact on how we choose our meals and Winona Foods has you covered in all a 3 segments. From cheese cubes, to cheese sticks or portion control cheese sauce, the possibilities are endless.


No, we are aren’t making Hard Cider’s at any of our production facilities, but we sure enjoy the pairings and cuttings with our cheeses. Whether it’s an aged Wisconsin Cheddar, buttery Gouda or a triple crème Brie all combinations will be making their presence made at home or your favorite hipster restaurant.


Not a real shocker to find this trend continuing its domination, not only in the cheese industry, but other categories as well. Point in hand, millennials can’t get enough bold flavors. One interesting flavor of note, Espresso. On the HOT side of things, How about a Habenero or Pepper Jack? Siracha? Let us formulate your own cheese with a kick!


Probably the most important trend when it comes to growth and applicability across a broad spectrum of cheese variations. Shreds, slices, spreads and snacks all continue to support this trend, with shreds still leading the way via retail. Look out for Cheese Curds folks….not just a Midwest delight any longer. These gooey and yummy go well with just about anything.

You can find more trends by clicking on our Winona Foods website.