Hot Trends...

temp-post-imageThis year cheese is trending with a lot of fresh culinary ideas - a demand for spice, more cheese more often and new cheeses on different things! Here are some popular food trends for 2015:

  • Hard cider is booming and by its side a smooth piece of cheese is expected. A soft slice of Gouda, or a sharp piece of cheddar cheese are delicious options to try with a cider.

  • Snacking! A lot of our energy intake and food we eat is from snacking! Snacking is a popular activity, and that activity calls for lots of cheese! Simple snacking combinations are endless, and easy - Swiss cheese with an apple slice, melted provolone on french bread, or make up your own cheese blend for tortilla chips - gouda-muenster nachos?

  • Introduce a new cheese to the household! Diverse cheeses like blue and fontina are becoming more common in salads and dips. Cheeses like gruyere, brie and fontina are trending, people want more diverse cheeses around to cook with and to try with their various meals.

  • Spice! Sriracha isn’t the only thing that people want to have on hand to give their meals more bite - calling all spicy cheese! Habanero jack, cheeses with peppers, the cheeses that pack a little more kick are in demand.

2015 is sure to bring us new ways to enjoy our favorite cheeses, and hopefully introduce a few new ones!

By: Nate Meyer, Marketing Intern