How well do you know Cheese?

  1. Soft, Rich, Creamy, Greek- feta
  2. Mushroomy, eggy, bloomy rinds- Brie
  3. Chevre- goat
  4. Hard, grated for Italian dishes, sometimes Reggiano is its counter-Parmesan
  5. Hot peppers mixed with cheddar- Habanero
  6. Sometimes mixed with Colby, pale yellow early on made by the Friars of California in the 1900’s - MJ
  7. Cheese with “holes” sometimes….slightly nutty, buttery almost a fruity flavor-Swiss
  8. Cooking of the curds, can be wax covered, aged, orange/white sharp mild-cheddar
  9. Pressed cottage cheese, often used for filling blintzes, adding rennet and bacterial starter.- Farmer
  10. Alpine pastures, Italian cows milk-Asiago
  11. Tan to pale yellow, orange brown natural rind from aging, mild Italian, softer texture-fontina
  12. Firm, can be smoked, white, softer- Provolone
  13. Blue, Italy, Fewer veins- Gorgonzola