Smoked Lobster Mac & Cheese


Ingredients Needed:
• Cheese Crafters Smoked Provolone (Shredded)
• Cheese Crafters Smoked Cheddar (Shredded)
• 3 Smoked lobster tails chopped
• Half and half
• Seafood seasoning
• Crushed crackers
• Butter
• Penne pasta

• Cook and set aside the Pene Pasta.
• In a sauce pan heat the Half and Half and add the seasoning
• Add the cut up lobster and simmer
• Add the shredded cheese and melt through. Add to pasta and toss well in a bowl
• Add the mixture to a oven-safe dish
• Top with the cracker crumbs and butter & bake until hot and melted all the way through
• Serve & enjoy!



Cheese Lesson: Know your Shreds!

Fancy shredded cheese is cut very thin, stringy & threadlike.
Feather shredded cheese is cut a little thicker than fancy shred, with tips that are more pointy and arrow shaped!

Click Here for Winona Foods Shred Styles Sell Sheet for more info!

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