Speed to Market - A Competitive Advantage


Speed to Market- A Competitive Advantage

By Lauren Meyer, Supply Chain Analyst

A competitive strength that Winona Foods has is the ability to transform an idea into a reality in very little time. If you’re familiar with the Alejandro on the Go brand (see blog post of Dec 4th 2015), you may be surprised to find out that the 3-pack cups in three unique flavors went from concept to shelf in just a few short months. To some, this might not be important or mean much, but in the manufacturing world- speed to market can be a very enticing advantage to our customers. Starting with flavor development all the way through packaging, Winona Foods is your one stop shop.

• Being a market leader- not a follower gives the ability to be a trend setter.
• First impressions are everything. If your product is the first to shelf, you are now the leader in that arena.
• Opportunity to dominate the market by beating competitors, and continuing to stay one step ahead of them.

How we do it:
• Strategic relationships with our vendors. We have long running partnerships with suppliers, which allows us to work better together- in turn our supply chain has been shortened.
• Our strong sales team communicates what our current and prospective customers’ needs and wants are. This creates synergy throughout the process.
• Staying up-to-date on current trends. We make sure we have the knowledge to help you create the best product possible.

Imagine the Possibilities with Winona Foods!