Spotlighting Two Of My Favorites


Spotlighting Two of My Favorites

100% Coconut Oil and Popcorn Butter Spray by Winona Pure

By: Debbie Barry, Account Manager

Winona Pure Coconut Oil is so hot right now, there are so many recipes to try!
Cooking with Coconut Oil is fantastic- Not only do you get the health benefits from using this amazing product, you also have endless uses for this product.
Coconut Oil has been deemed very versatile, not just in the food industry! It’s been known for softening cuticles, moisturizing dry hair, even keeping colds and flu’s at bay.
Want to remove Waterproof makeup? Calm a sunburn? Get rid of your dry heels? Clear up a blemish, settle your digestive system? The list goes on and on.
Testimonies from Doctors to consumers on the wonders of Coconut oil can be found with a simple Google search.
Making a Natural Deodorant: mix arrowroot and/or baking soda with coconut oil for 100 % natural deodorant.
Winona Pure Popcorn Butter Spray Oil is the end all for flavor – But it’s not just for popcorn. This flavorful oil is not only healthy (so be sure to give your popcorn a generous spray), it also enhances flavors while adding nutritional value to your dishes.
One of my personal favorite recipes: Spray corn on the cob, shake some parmesan cheese on it and sprinkle a little garlic powder to finish – Yum!
Check out our website, www.winonapure.com - There you will find recipes, pictures, where to buy, more about us and the opportunity to order these amazing products from home!