Stuffed Asiago Cranberry Burger


Ingredients needed:

• Ground lamb and beef
• Sour dough bun
• Winona Reserve Goat cheese
• Bourbon soaked Wisconsin cranberries
• Smoked chipotle powder
• Spring mix
• Caramelized red onions
• Tomato
• Della Terra Shaved Asiago Cheese

• Mix the ground lamb and beef in a mixing bowl
• Slice edges of Winona Reserve Goat cheese and add into the ground meat
• Place bourbon soaked cranberries into ground meat
• Shape into patties
• Season with smoked chipotle powder
• On a grill or in a frying pan cook the burger patty as desired
• Toast sour dough bun – preferably on the grill
• Top with spring mix
• Layer Della Terra Shaved Asiago cheese on top of the spring mix