The "Ins and Outs" of Cheese Curds

Handling Instructions

  • Curds are at their best when fresh!! Do not over order or over stock your case

  • Stock case with only a 5 – 7 day supply

  • Ideally Curds should not be left in your display case longer than 14 days

  • Do not put in Direct fluorescent light (this will cause color cheese to fade)

  • Remove faded cheese immediately – lights are causing the fading and oxidation to occur. This will give the cheese an off flavor. This happens to both white & colored cheese. You can see it happening with colored cheese but not white

  • Cheese Curds can be frozen until you stock the case – this will prolong their freshness!!

  • Rotate frequently – Freshness is the key to their success

Serving Suggestions

  • Eat as a snack – warm or cold (warm on defrost in microwave)

  • Deep fry curds – roll in a dry onion ring batter – freeze in a single layer then deep fry – till they are done.

  • Sprinkle on a salad

  • Layer on top of a pizza or hot dish

  • Melt in soups or casseroles

  • Dip into a cheese sauce, salsa or ranch dressing

  • Melt inside a potato

  • Poutines (Yellow, White or Two Curds only)