Wine and Cheese 101


Cheese and Wine Pairings

By Lindsey Spaulding, Account Manager

The holidays are upon us once again, and that means lots of Holiday parties and family gatherings! Which also means food and drink consumption will likely be at it’s peak for the year.. If you are like my family and I, you like to “splurge” a bit more than usual around the holidays…especially on meals. In fact, instead of spending money on an adult gift exchange, we all agree to spend it on gourmet food and beverages for our family Christmas dinner. I’m always in charge of bringing a cheese and sausage platter and a few bottles of wine to share which I don’t mind one bit. I always try and bring a new type of cheese that I think my family has never tried before and pair it with the best suiting wine. If you are new to Wine/Cheese pairing, I have included a general guide with some of my favorites. Give it a try this Holiday season, or really anytime throughout the year. Break out the stretch pants and Enjoy! Happy Holidays!