Gouda Fish Tacos

Ingredients Needed:
  • Tilapia or cod

  • Winona Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Find it here: Winona Pure Oils)

  • Spices of your choice (we used: garlic salt and cayenne pepper)

  • Lime

  • Red pepper and cabbage slaw

  • Gouda Cheese

  • Siracha and mayo to make dressing

  • Tortillas

  • Pan sear you fish in Winona Pure EVOO or Canola Oil. Sprinkle fish with garlic salt.

  • Pan sear red pepper and slaw until tender

  • Shred gouda cheese as the topper

  • Warm up tortilla and top with fish, red pepper, slaw and gouda.

  • Squeeze lime over the top. ENJOY!