Processed Cheeses

Pasteurized Processed Cheese

Pasteurized Processed Cheese is produced by using one or more natural cheeses that are blended together with other ingredients to produce a high value item.  This cheese type has a smooth, creamy texture that melts without oiling off. These cheeses have a high content of natural cheese blended with other ingredients to help extend the shelf life and flavor of the product. One of our many products in this category includes our EZ Melt Pasteurized Processed Cheese Loaf.  Its smooth, creamy finish makes this cheese a perfect queso and/or pasta sauce.

Pasteurized Processed Cheese Food

Pasteurized Process Cheese Food is a product that uses a combination of natural cheeses with other dairy and non-dairy ingredients.  This product will also contain a high content of natural cheese making it very flavorful and rich in taste. Looking for the cheese to make a perfect grilled cheese? Look no further.

Pasteurized Processed Cheese Spread

Pasteurized Process Cheese Spread is a blend of Natural Cheese and other dairy and non-dairy ingredients.  This product may contain sweeteners and stabilizing ingredients to ensure the lengthening of shelf life and freshness. A range of moisture levels allows for a wide variety of products such as loafs, slices and spreads.

Cold Pack Cheeses

Our cold pack products are blends of natural cheeses and other ingredients that are not cooked. These spreadable cheeses are perfect additions to your favorite crackers and veggies. The sky is the limit on flavors and types of cheese that can be used. Imagine the Possibilities!

Cheese Sauce

We offer a convenient Boil in the Bag cheese sauce that can be used to spice up your appetizers, pastas and other favorite dishes. Add spices, peppers or serve as is! This product is currently available in a 5 lb. bag.