Meet Nate!


Cheese Marketing: By Laura Heuver, Regional Sales Manager

Introducing Winona Food’s Marketing Support Specialist – Nate Meyer

As we all know, consumers eat with their eyes before making any purchasing decision. Marketing campaigns, goals and initiatives play a critical role in helping consumers choose your product over the competition. At Winona, we have seen the impact dedicated marketers can have in growing business.
Let me introduce you to our newest Marketing Support Specialist – Nate Meyer. Nate, as a Marketing Support Specialist, works closely with multiple departments at Winona Foods to assess market trends, create vibrant and alluring point of sale, maintain the day-to-day social media postings and assist with marketing functions.

Aside from being a huge consumer of cheese, (with Winona Reserve 3-Year Wisconsin Cheddar as his favorite), Nate grew up within the cheese industry. He has been to multiple production facilities, learning closely from cheese makers about the key elements to cheese production and what consumers are asking for. In addition, Nate is currently pursuing a Bachelors of Corporate Communication from the University of Wisconsin- Green Bay, and will be graduating in 2017.