The Winona Foods name is synonymous with quality cheese.  From humble beginnings, we've grown to become a leading supplier of high-quality cheese to the Food Service, Industrial, and Retail trade segments of the food industry.  From natural and specialty cheese, to processed cheese and custom formulated solutions, we strive to exceed our customers' expectations.  We strive to provide a solution for every need by offering our customers the cheese they want to buy, rather than the cheese we have to sell.  We accomplish this through superior supply chain and distribution management, as well as our experience in risk management/hedging services.  

Natural Cheese

There are six categories of cheeses which fit into the Natural Cheese category. Four of the six categories are based on the firmness of the cheese. The fifth category is the Veined Cheeses, and the sixth is Specialty Cheeses.

AsiagoCotijaParmesanRomanoCheddarGoudaFontinaSwissEdamCream CheeseFresh MozzarellaFetaNeufchatelQuesoRicottaVeinedGorgonzolaHabanero JackHorseradish White CheddarMarble BlueBrieCamembertGoatMozzarellaProvoloneAsaderoBlue Cheese. Havarti, Asadero, Provolone

Processed Cheese

Processed Cheese is Natural Cheese that is cooked to a high temperature. The original reason for processing cheese was to extend the period of peak flavor by arresting the normal action of the micro-organisms in the cheese (culture).

Pasteurized Processed Cheese, Cheese Food, Cheese Spread, Pasteurized Processed Cheese SauceCheese Product.