The Season of Cheese Trays


Parties and cheese platters, just seem to go together like “peas and carrots”.

Anytime I’m invited to a barbeque, picnic or tailgate party, I love to bring a cheese platter of some sort.

Some of the best things about cheese platters are: they’re always a hit, look really great and you never have to bring home leftovers!

Your options are limitless. Combo trays with cheeses and fruits or the tailgate favorite with sliced cheeses, sausage and nuts are my favorite. See what I mean? It just goes on and on…

Before I design a cheese tray, I like to know:
• What the event is
• How many people will be there
• Main course(s) being severed

This weekend I’m going to a barbeque, featuring ‘Woody’s’ Ribs. They are fantastic and totally worth indulging on, so I plan to keep the platter on a lighter side. It will include a “deconstructed caprese salad” or goat cheese drizzled with a white cranberry pear balsamic vinaigrette, grapes, and small basket of toasted baguettes.

Whatever you decided to include in the platter, you can never go wrong when including cheese.

By: Susan Hokenson, Account Manager